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International human being. Spend my 23 years of life living in 4 countries. I adore interacting with others, learning new things, traveling & a great read.

Human Being; World traveller; Author; Blogger; Editor; Reader; Chocolate addict; Animal lover; Friend, Sister, Daughter.

In my element, enjoying the day’s first rays of sunshine while spending my morning writing.

I’ve seen these “‘”About Me” stories around Medium and really liked them, and then stumbled upon the publication by Quy Ma: About Me, and immediately felt inspired to write my own, so here it goes.


My name is Leona Françoise, 23 years old, and currently living on a small island in the Caribbean. I am an author, editor, and creator and curious about discovering new places and new people.

A step-by-step process to becoming a published author for free.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

This post is an opinion piece based on my own experience. My goal is to assist future first-time authors, or first time KDP-authors on their self-publishing journey.

This past week I published my very first book and did it all by myself! And it ended up not even being all that challenging. Nothing you can’t do! Obviously an important step is writing the actual book, but here I want to share what comes after: the actual publishing of your creation.

What is KDP?

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), which has previously also been known as ‘createspace’, which allows authors to self-publish their books or…

Exploring the soul through writing

What is this publication about & who is it for?

Life is an exciting journey, with many highs and lows and when we don’t make the space in our busy lives to talk about it, to work through feelings, experiences, and thoughts, it can all feel like too much.

This space is meant to be a comfortable space meant to provide you with stories and insights about self-reflection, managing life, and personal growth. I hope that from reading, you’ll find the excitement to dive into these topics for your own journey of life. A fun, exciting, challenging, cool adventure!

Why create this publication?

I know some publications on Medium are currently closing their doors…

Learning to love yourself.

Photo by Chris Spiegl on Unsplash.

New Year's resolutions are a popular entertainment of the holiday season. In 2020, nearly 75% of Americans were estimated to have made a New Year’s resolution, most revolving around health, money, or self-improvement. People seem to enjoy the possibility of making a dramatic change in their lives. When better than the new year? Doesn’t January always feel like a fresh start to life Why then am I talking about New Year’s resolutions in August? Because I don’t believe December is the only time we should be reflecting on our life and deciding to make significant changes.

Resolutions are tricky. You…

Back to simplicity

A hiking path and its beach at the end. (Image/Author)

I’ve spent the last two years living on a tropical island. It’s been quite an adventure. One that is very different from the city life that I’ve previously been accustomed to. It has been wonderfully refreshing.

I feel like living here, on St. Barth, has allowed me to go “back to basics”. I’ve found time and space to tune in with what I really need and desire to create my life by my own design, versus what I mindlessly do, consume and create when everything is widely available.

While I don’t think I want to stay on the island long-term…

I’m just looking for a true connection.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash.

I’m so sick and tired of starting over on a new social media platform.

My social media journey started out with MSN, those were the days. Different coloured fonts and casually chatting with your crush, asking if they would be online later. Then there was Hyves, which was basically the Dutch version of Facebook… although they definitely didn’t think the name through in English(shoutout to my fellow Dutchies!). Then, when I moved abroad and was introduced to the world of international school kids, I was considered old enough by my mom to be on Facebook. And I loved Facebook. The…

Blurring the line between personal and professional.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash.

I am my work and my work is me.

That sentence used to scare me. My whole first year of work experience I worried about not being able to be my own person outside of my work. Although an office job, it was an at-home office job. I had to organise myself in my one-bedroom apartment, figuring out a way to feel the shift

I used tricks that, during the pandemic, became quite popular. Changing into “real” clothes, brushing my teeth after breakfast. Holding a coffee break and a lunch break throughout the day. I had shifted my work hours from 7 AM to 3 PM. By 4 PM…

Reentering into my family

Coming back to something you thought you wouldn’t experience again is quite a unique feeling. It’s as if you’re re-reading an old book, except the ending has changed, the characters have grown.

This past year, I came back to living with my family. My brother, my sister, and my mom. The last time we lived together, the three of us were in high school, occasionally acting as obnoxious teenagers. Now, aged 26, 25 and 23, the way we are individually and together is very different. We don’t bicker as much about stupid, useless things. …

My dad said, “come in.”

My dad’s grave, a mix of life and death. Image credit: author.

Conversation topic: death

For about two years now, the topic of death has been incredibly present in my life. While death itself is nowhere near unique, I had a special opportunity surrounding the death of my father (May 2020).

After a three-year battle with cancer, he called it quits. Nine months before his death, when his cancer returned, he decided he didn’t want to do chemotherapy. He’d rather fill the months he had left with a grand quality of life, instead of trying to survive. The destination would be all the same. In line with his desire for quality of life, my dad…

And how you can do it too.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash.

Writing a book doesn’t have to be difficult. It can definitely be challenging and time-consuming. Yet writing can also be fun, exciting, and rewarding, making the time you put into it feel like no time at all. Writing a book is an exciting adventure!

But how do you get started? Maybe you have a faint idea of what you’d like to write about. Maybe you only have some bits and pieces that you want to include somewhere but aren’t sure of where and how. …

Leona Françoise

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